birth name delilah paradis current alias theodora nika comic alias diana prince / wonder woman date of birth / starsign january 12, 1980 / capricorn personality intj + 1w2 birthplace corfu, greece current residence boston, massachusetts occupation owner of akin antiquities relationship status married to the job


It was a hot Athenian summer and Kostas Moriartis had been watching Christina Nika from his table at the Panigiri of St. Evdokia the Martyr. It had been the ouzo that had spurred him to cross the dance floor and scoop her into his arms. It had been the Tsipouro that coaxed them out of their clothes at the harbour and the Retsina that heightened their affections. The love affair that followed was short lived, the result swelling for nine months in Christina's belly. Despite his parent's wishes, Kostas' instinct was to marry the girl and he brought her back to his native Corfu. The heir to a vast shipping dynasty, business trips saw him far and away from his pregnant wife, leaving her to suffer the pangs of maternity and insufferable in-laws alone. When Kostas disappeared for three weeks with his attractive assistant, it was enough to send his wife into an early labour. Their firstborn child, a boy, never drew breath.

A year later, mid the tumult of divorce, another child was conceived. It was Christina's choice not to terminate the pregnancy, unable to face the man who had abandoned her for something more enticing, she made plans to return to Athens, her decision made absolute when he confessed to his affair soon after the stillbirth of their son. The separation broke Christina's resolve. Forced into signing a pre-nuptial agreement before the marriage, she was entitled to nothing. Disowned by her own family and without means to support herself, she lost all hope of making her way back home. It was a passer-by, a middle-aged widow who noticed Christina asleep in the back pew of a church who offered the heavily pregnant girl food and shelter. A midwife by trade, the woman, named Marina, took the girl in for six months, helping her to find employment at a local tavern. When the time grew ripe, Marina aided in the birth of Christina's child; a girl who was baptised Theodora, meaning "Gift of God".

When Theodora was two years old, the old nurse died, and with nothing left to tie them to the island, Mother and Daughter moved to Athens. As she grew, the young Theodora struggled with the knowledge that each day saw her evolve into an image of Kostas; hating the thought that the love her mother should give her might somehow be tampered by her likeness to her father. Defiant, even as a child, she took her mother's name, refusing to answer to anything else at school, but her doubts lingered. It was a concern that plagued her for most of her childhood and spurred her to prove herself as someone responsible, someone worthwhile, someone unlike the man who had abandoned his family.

In Athens, Theodora became independent at a young age. Her mother worked three separate jobs, but still could not afford more than the bare necessities. The city became Theodora's babysitter as she sampled the local culture after school. Ancient relics, boisterous bazaars, the agora was a feast for the senses and she reveled in all of it, soaking it up and dreaming of one day owning her very own gallery where fascinating people could find solace amongst beautiful objects. But her dream was a double-edged sword. With no memories or pictures of her father, all that she knew of him was confined to tales that her mother offered. Anything that Theodora wanted for herself -- expansive dreams that were her own, and not her Mother's -- seemed somehow tainted by the memory of the neglectful Kostas.

When the old Marina died, she left all her worldly possessions to Christina and her child, who mourned her as their own. Even with a little money to her name, Christina struggled to provide for her daughter, her own health declining from malnutrition and chronic fatigue. A year later, Christina died in her sleep unexpectedly, leaving Theodora an orphan. Following her death, a neighbour discovered a box filled with letters from Kostas, imploring Christina to return to Corfu and to bring his child, together with a phone number. He was no longer living on the island, having moved to England as his shipping empire expanded. Theodora was eight years old when she met her father for the first time.

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comic verse

Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. The daughter of Hippolyta, she was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all its forms. Although she was raised entirely by women on the island of Themyscira, she was sent as an ambassador to the world of man, spreading their idealistic message of strength and love. Wonder Woman fights crime and acts as a positive role model for women everywhere. In the secret identity she has adopted to become closer to humanity, she is Diana Prince, a government agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Wonder Woman is also a founding member of the Justice League of America. (source)

Point of Canon Wonder Woman is pulled primarily from Prime Earth/New 52.

Parallels  Greek by birth
 Born on an island to a single mother
 Family claims ancestry from Penthesilea
 Driven by a strong sense of justice
 Naturally athletic
 Identifies as bisexual


education  tufts university - boston, usa
      MA, classical studies
 boston university - boston, usa
      BA, philosophy and political science, minor in education
 roxbury community college - boston, usa
 st. george's international school - montreux, switzerland
 halstead prepatory school for girls - surrey, england
 10o dimotiko scholeio athinon - athens, greece

strengths  quick, imaginative and strategic mind
 high self-confidence
 independent and decisive
 hard-working and determined

 stubborn and guarded
 overly analytical
 clueless in romance


powers  divine empowerment
      superhuman strength
      superhuman durability
      superhuman stamina
      enhanced healing factor
      superhuman reflexes
      superhuman agility
      superhuman speed
      empathy/animal empathy
      suspended ageing
 enhanced senses
 dimensional teleportation
 resistance to magic
 master combatant
 wisdom of athena
      master tactician and strategist
 indomitable will

items  bracelets of submission
 lasso of hestia
 amulet of harmonia
 gold battle armour
 sandals of hermes
 sword of hephaestus
 kane milohai's sea shell
 purple ray
 invisible jet

locations  themyscira

memories  unveiled