diana prince
For the first time since life was breathed into the clay of my body,
the emptiness is gone.
I am not alone.

It was a hot Athenian summer and Kostas Papageorgiou had been watching Christina Nika from his table at the panigiri of St. Evdokia the Martyr. It had been the ouzo that had spurred him to cross the dance floor and scoop her into his arms. It had been the tsipouro that coaxed them out of their clothes at the harbour and the retsina that heightened their affections. The love affair that followed was short lived, but the damage had been done, the result swelling for nine months in Christina's belly. Despite his parent's wishes, Kostas' first instinct was to marry the girl and he brought her back to his native Corfu. The heir to a shipping dynasty, business trips saw him far and away from his pregnant wife, leaving her to suffer the pangs of maternity and in-laws alone. When Kostas disappeared for three nights with his attractive assistant, it was enough to send his wife into an early labour. But their firstborn child never drew breath. It was a boy.

Two years later, mid the tumult of divorce, another child was conceived. It was Christina's choice not to terminate the pregnancy, deciding instead to return to Athens, unable to face the man who had traded her in for something more enticing, his decision made absolute when he remarried soon after their child's stillbirth. The separation broke Christina's resolve. Forced into signing a pre-nup before the marriage, she was entitled to nothing. Disowned by her own family and without means of her own to satisfy her hunger, she lost all hope, uncaring as to where she ended up. It was a passer-by, a childless woman named Evdokia who noticed Christina asleep in the back pew of a church and offered the heavily pregnant girl food and shelter for the night. A trained nurse and a widow, the woman took the girl in for six months, helping Christina to find steady employment. When the time grew ripe, the old woman aided in the birth of Christina's child; a girl who was baptised Theodora, meaning "gift of god".

The young Theodora however, struggled with the knowledge that each day saw her evolve into an image of Kostas, hating the thought that the love her mother should give her might somehow be tampered by her likeness to her father. She took her mother's last name as a sign of defiance, but the doubts lingered. It was a concern that plagued her for most of her childhood and one which she never confided to anyone though it spurred her to prove herself as someone responsible, someone worthwhile, someone unlike the man who had abandoned his family. It was this drive that allowed her to excel at school and birth a fascination with books, the endless pursuit of ideas keeping doubts of love at bay and feeding the relentless desire to pursue her studies. She excelled in Ancient History, finding an endless fascination in ancient mythologies, the stories transporting her into another world unlike her own.

As the years progressed, so too did little Theodora's expectations, and under the supervision of the old nurse (Aunty E, as she became known) the young family grew prosperous and soon moved into a cosy apartment in Ampelokipoi. While they lived there, Theodora sampled the local culture after school. Ancient relics, boisterous bazaars, the city was a feast for the senses and she reveled in all of it, soaking it up and dreaming of one day owning her very own gallery of antiquities where fascinating people could find solace amongst beautiful objects. But her dream was a double-edged sword. The only memory of her father were tales her mother offered about his shipping business and the little gallery that the young Theodora dreamed of owning always seemed somehow tainted by the memory of the neglectful Kostas. It was a child's fantasy and nothing more.

When the old Evdokia died, she left all her worldly possessions to Christina and her child who mourned her as their own. A year later, Christina was killed in a car accident, leaving Theodora an orphan. When Christina died, Theodora and a neighbour discovered a box filled with letters from her father, imploring Christina to come to Corfu and to bring his child. Seven years of birthday cards for Theodora were hidden in the box. Theodora found a phone number and her neighbour helped her make contact with her father. He was no longer in Corfu, having moved to England for business, Theodora was set to join him there. A week later, she began school in London and met her father for the first time.

Theodora lived with him for eight years and though she was raised mostly by a troupe of nannies, she wanted for nothing. At school, she excelled academically and was a happy child. It did not last. During an overseas trip to Boston, MA to visit her sister-school, Theodora fell pregnant. A few days shy of his 50th birthday, her father, his crew and his favourite ship disappeared. Although she inherited a vast fortune, she later learned that her father had sired two other children and that his will and testament would be contested. With the little that she had, Theodora packed her things and moved to the United States in an effort to give her unborn child the family that she never had.

⤑ name theodora nika ⤑ comicverse diana prince / wonder woman ⤑ nicknames thea, teddy, mom ⤑ date of birth january 12, 1981 ⤑ birthplace athens, greece ⤑ current residence boston, massachusetts ⤑ occupation owner of akin antiquities ⤑ relationship status father figure ⤑ children child wonder and wonder baby
Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. The daughter of Hippolyta, she was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all its forms. Although she was raised entirely by women on the island of Themyscira, she was sent as an ambassador to the world of man, spreading their idealistic message of strength and love. Wonder Woman fights crime and acts as a positive role model for women everywhere. Her equipment includes the Lasso of Truth, magic gauntlets, and an invisible jet. In the secret identity she has adopted to become closer to humanity, she is Diana Prince, a government agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Wonder Woman is also a founding member of the Justice League of America.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, and has a lengthy publication history. This history has sometimes included a sidekick Wonder Girl and many villains. Since her debut she has become one of the most popular and recognizable DC Comics characters, along with Batman and Superman. She first appeared in All-Star Comics #8. (source)

locked memories wonder woman
the justice league of america
star sapphire corps
female furies
white lantern corps

powers divine empowerment
     superhuman strength
     superhuman durability
     superhuman stamina
     enhanced healing factor
     superhuman reflexes
     superhuman agility
     superhuman speed
     empathy/animal empathy
enhanced senses
dimensional teleportation
resistance to magic
master combatant
wisdom of athena
    master tactician and strategist
indomitable will

items aegis of zeus - bracelets of submission
lasso of hestia - lasso of truth
amulet of harmonia
gold battle armour
sandals of hermes
sword of hephaestus
kane milohai's sea shell
star sapphire ring
black lantern ring
lansinarian morphing disk
invisible jet
purple ray

locations themyscira

comic parallels
greek by birth
family claims to be descended from penthesilea
driven by a strong sense of justice
naturally athletic
tumultuous personal life
identifies as bisexual

education boston university
     ba in archaeology

strengths independent

self righteous


Point of Canon
Wonder Woman is pulled from many points in canon.